Title 20

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Title 20

Changes or Adoption of California Laws Affecting Pools and Spas

Adoption and enforcement may differ between different counties or jurisdictions

Pumps: Circulation pumps on pools may not be capacitor start or permanent split phase Applies to in-ground residential only. Effective 01/01/08 (Title 20.)
  Circulation pumps on pools must have a base horsepower (service factor x rated horsepower) not greater than 1.0 which limits pumps to 1/2hp full rated or they must be either 2 speed or variable speed. This includes new installation, motor repairs and pump replacements. Applies to in-ground residential only. Effective 01/01/08 (Title 20.)
  Note: Aboveground pool pumps are included in current 2008 law. They are expected to be exempt in 2009. Check local enforcement to determine which is required in your area.
Controls: Controls for pool pumps must have the ability to operate at least 2-speeds of a pump with the default on position being low speed. This includes repairs where only the control is being replaced (time clocks for example) and the single speed pump is not. Applies to in-ground residential only. Effective 01/01/08 (Title 20)
Covers: A cover for outdoor pools or outdoor spas, with solar exception. (Title 20.)
Heaters: No electric resistance heating, with exceptions. (Title 20.)
Instructions: A permanent, easily readable, and weatherproof plate or card that gives instruction for the energy efficient operation of the pool or spa. (Title 24.)
Plumbing: Piping. At least 36 inches of pipe between the filter and the heater to allow for the future addition of solar heating equipment. (Title 20.)
  Minimum 2 hydraulically balanced and symmetrically plumbed suction drains per pump a minimum of 3 feet apart. (Swimming Pool Safety Act.)
  Suction outlets shall be covered with anti-entrapment grates that cannot be removed except with the use of tools. Slots or openings in the grates or similar protective devices shall be of a shape, area, and arrangement that would prevent physical entrapment and would not pose any suction hazard to bathers. ASME A112.19.8 approval generally used. (Swimming Pool Safety Act.)