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We offer pool repair, underwater swimming pool repair, weekly pool service, rust stain removal, rebar, crack repair, and drain covers.

Current clients on service include the California Highway Patrol and members of the Sacramento Kings Organization.

Repair Truck

I offer three types of service, depending on what you are looking for.

Chemicals Only
I test the pool water to make sure the sanitizer level is where it should be and that the alkalinity and pH are in line. The service also includes chlorine and tablets that are added. Muratic acid, sodium bicard and soda ash is also included in the service.

Chemical Plus
Covers all the above plus the skimmer and pump baskets are emptied. If you have a pool sweep, the bag would also be emptied and the steps brushed.

Full Service
Everything described above plus skimming the surface of the pool of debris, leafing the bottom of the pool. Having this service means you can come home from a hard day at the office and have nothing to do except jump in the pool and enjoy!

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