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Finally realizing a dream and venturing into buying your new home that has swimming pool in the back yard? If you are, CONGRATULATIONS!

Things you might be thinking about when making this dream come true:

  1. What kind of shape is the pool in?
  2. What kind of shape is the equipment in?
  3. Is it all safe and ready to go? (Remember water and electricity don't mix!)
  4. Is the water in the pool soft or aggressive?
  5. Do all the special features it has work (i.e. lights)?
  6. Is all the equipment sized correctly according to the pool hydraulics?

To find all this out and more you should hire a certified pool inspector to check everything out and put your mind at rest.

I currently work with the State of California and maintain the 200,000 gallon pool at the California Highway Patrol Academy, so as you can imagine, I have to maintain very high standards at all times on this tank and that carries over to each and every client I work with.

I will come out to your prospective property and spend as much time (within reason) as you need going over each and every thing with the equipment and the pool.

At the end you will receive a file of what I found out, which well tell you everything you need to know about how the pool functions. I will give my recommendations, and on top of that, once you move in I will give you an orientation on how to get the most out of your pool for the least amount of money.

Call me at 916-240-5443 to schedule an appointment or email me.