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As you are probably aware December 19th 2008 is the day all commercial pool need to comply with new law (Details Below.)
I can offer you 3 different options on how to deal with this:
1. I can switch out the cover and install an approved 32" Channel cover (otherwise known as the unblockable cover.) This can be done underwater and no draining of the pool will be needed. This is fast, efficent and once installed you don't need to worry about any other additions of equipment.
2. Same procedure as above but it can be done with the pool drained, which is not ideal as other implications come into play, such as potential plaster damage, wasted water, re-balancing of water and an empty pool which can cause new hazzards for your tenants!!!
3. I can switch out the existing cover and replace it with a similar approved cover, most likely without any cutting or plastering, this would then lead to the client having a 'Vacuum Release System' installed at the equipment pad. This will shut off the main filter pump should there be an object blocking the drain. This is a very viable option if this was the direction you wanted to go it can be installed with no problems.
The 3 above options are all Federally approved and will meet the standards of the County.
There is a lot more information should you wish to know, however I would like to keep it simple at this time and should you have any questions feel free to email or call and I will back to you promptly.