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We offer pool repair, underwater swimming pool repair, weekly pool service, rust stain removal and drain covers.

Darren's Pool Service

I Treat You the Way I Would Want to Be Treated

It's as simple as that, nobody likes being treated like they're just another customer. Just like a customer who is selective to whom you let into your backyard, I'm selective to who I work with as I want your complete trust and respect since I will be working in your private family area.

There is nothing like jumping into a nice, clean, cool swimming pool when the temperature hits the 100s here in Sacramento; the refreshing feeling is invigorating and the fun is endless.

The feeling can be completely the opposite, though, if the water is dirty and the water chemistry is bad—not just for you, but also for the pool.

I am a California Licensed Contractor fully licensed and bonded which allows me to carry out repairs over $500 legally which covers you as the customer and me as the contractor. I would estimate approx. 10% of pool service/repair companies such as Darren's Pool Services carry out pump/filter/control panel installs with the legal coverage so please check with the company you are using to protect yourself.

I have worked around pools most of my life, although I did have a 5-year stint in law enforcement back in Great Britain, but I figured I had a lesser chance of being shot or stabbed running my own pool business!

Although I only accept service accounts in Natomas, downtown Sacramento, and American River, always feel free to contact me, as I can refer you to other pool companies.

Certified Pool & Spa Operator
Darren's Pool Services
2121 Natomas Crossing Drive
Sacramento, CA 95834
Phone: (916) 240-5443


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